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Hi stranger soon to be friends! As you can see from these really super cute cat pixels, I have an obsession towards cats, kawaii things, and practically anything related to shoujo genre stuffs like manga and anime. *squeels* In here you can find me rambling about the latest dramas, games, and manga I read and watch. You can say I am pretty socially awkward but I tried to stay cool. lol. Happy reading to y'all!


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Fav. Apps (1)

written on Sunday, 22 September 2013 @ 22:17

http://i672.photobucket.com/albums/vv83/cuppykate/pixels/nintendo/chicken2.gif Now playing: Made In The U.S.A - Demi Lovato
Konichiwa lovely readers! Just like what I said from the previous post, I will talk about few of my recent favorite apps on my iphone~ First of all, here's a really crappy picture of my iphone. (Forgive me cus' I am an amateur in photography.)

I updated my iphone to iOS 7 on last friday night. *Insert TGIF song here * The new design was so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I didn't expect them to change the whole look completely! Here are the screenshots of the lockscreen~

Okay, now let's start with my most recent favorite apps~

Line Play

Line Play is an online, social-network game where you design your own alter-ego avatar~  Sounds interesting, eh? You can also design your own room and *soon* your own garden.  You can blog through your diary too which is the part that I like the most!   Here are the screenshots:

Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS  

I know this app from my friend's instagram photo . At first I was like, 'Wth? You can play gba roms in your iPhone? IMPOSSIBRU!' But then, I found the download link in youtube so I tried downloading it... and it freakin' works!  I literally share a screenshot of this emulator to almost all social network sites that I have (tumblr, twitter, path) since I am that astonished.   

I have already downloaded some roms such as Harvest Moon: MFoMT, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Emerald, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario World 2. I thank the person who made my this emulator for he has brought back my childhood times. These are some of the screenshots:


Manga BDR  

The last app is an application where you can download the manga that you want to read and you can read it offline after you have finished downloading it~ This app just made my dream came true. That is, to read shoujo manga without having to open my mac or using internet. (Sometimes I'm lazy to open it) Of course you need internet to download it but seriously, it doesn't take that long to download 5 chapters at one time! 

It's not free but I'm fine using the non-full version of it~ (which is free) You can only have 3 different manga in your library and each with 5 chapters. So if the manga have like about 40 chapters, you can download 5 first and read it then delete for 5 next chapters. Here are the screenshots:

That's all for now~ Hope you enjoy trying out these apps which I think are cool.


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