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Hi stranger soon to be friends! As you can see from these really super cute cat pixels, I have an obsession towards cats, kawaii things, and practically anything related to shoujo genre stuffs like manga and anime. *squeels* In here you can find me rambling about the latest dramas, games, and manga I read and watch. You can say I am pretty socially awkward but I tried to stay cool. lol. Happy reading to y'all!


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Take A Break

written on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 @ 22:15

Image from weheartit

 Lately, I found myself keep listening to K-Indies and some classical/jazz song instead of pop. It's like taking a break from listening to pop songs. I don't really like loud musics. If I have to choose between an orchestra and band, I would prefer an orchestra. I don't mind drums, but sometimes some people play it so loud. image I like it when its played lightly. (Whattt?) I became a fan of J Rabbit since the first time I hear K-Indies at first. Those girls really do have talent in music. One of the girl sang so smoothly and the other girl played the instruments. I also am a fan of Morrie and Clazziquai Project. If you guys have some spare time, try to listen to it. It helps you to relax. image I'm going to transfer all of my k-indies collection songs to my iPhone today so I can just easily listen to them in any time and place.

That's all for now~


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