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Hi stranger soon to be friends! As you can see from these really super cute cat pixels, I have an obsession towards cats, kawaii things, and practically anything related to shoujo genre stuffs like manga and anime. *squeels* In here you can find me rambling about the latest dramas, games, and manga I read and watch. You can say I am pretty socially awkward but I tried to stay cool. lol. Happy reading to y'all!


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Singapore vacation in 2013

written on Sunday, 23 June 2013 @ 18:41

 *WARNING: Photo Spams*

In the past few months, I was in Singapore with my big family. We stayed for 3 days in Sentosa Island and 2 days in Mandarin Hotel. I didn't go to the Universal Studio because I've been there a couple of times already so I thought I'll just explore what's inside the Sentosa Island.   I tried almost all of the attractions. I also went to Vivo City and it some noodles near the food court. Here are the few photos that I took. I was with my auntie most of the time.

Bakmi and fried chicken :9

In the Tiger Sky Tower

After those 3 days, we moved to Mandarin Hotel. Here, I spend most of my time with my mom/dad/siblings. We had breakfast in Takashimaya's food court. I freakin' love that food court. I don't shop too much, in fact my allowance stays pretty much the same. So I got home with extra moneyyy. $$$

I also visited some attractions while I'm there. I went to Garden by the Bay and it was one.of.the.most.awesome place that I've ever been! I went both to the Cloud Dome and Flower Dome. What I love about those domes are I can take pictures of flowers and plants without a single sweat. It's full with cold and fresh air~ I don't think it's just a normal air-con, I think it uses a special engineered air-con. I think it was pretty amazing because there was so many types of plants in just one room (a HUGE room). More pictures now~

It may be appears not that big but actually, it's a giant waterfall.

The Marina Bay view from the inside of the dome.

There was actually elevators inside this giant rock and you can walk on the track.

 The design was just super amazing. Awesome architecture.

Outside of the dome view of Singapore Flyer.

Last picture, a fluffy chick. It hatched just a few moment before I got there. It was in the Science Centre. The concubine showed exactly the date and time when the eggs gonna hatch. Pretty neat, huh?

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