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Hi stranger soon to be friends! As you can see from these really super cute cat pixels, I have an obsession towards cats, kawaii things, and practically anything related to shoujo genre stuffs like manga and anime. *squeels* In here you can find me rambling about the latest dramas, games, and manga I read and watch. You can say I am pretty socially awkward but I tried to stay cool. lol. Happy reading to y'all!


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This week's highlight~

written on Friday, 20 September 2013 @ 22:14

Hello guise~ A lot of things happened this week so I thought I'll write some here in my blog. The highlights of this week will have to be about my piano lesson.  

I have learned to play the piano since I was in grade 7, which I presume I'm not that young or that old to learn. I used to thought that I should have joined one when I was at least grade 2, but better be late than nothing right? It was hard for me to get used to playing piano. My fingers were still stiff so I tend to practice a lot until my fingers started to feel a bit weird. 

I am currently in grade 4, which is hard to believe. It feels like I was still in grade 1 or 2 yesterday. Besides learning about classical music books, my teacher told me to bring music sheets of songs that I would like to play. I bring 4 music sheets. All of them are related and they are game songs. Yes. Game songs. 

You see, I'm a HUGE fan of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I bring 2 different versions of 'Dearly Beloved', Passion by Kyle Landry, and The Prelude from final fantasy. Almost all of the songs that I chose is really, super-duper hard. So I ended up learning one of the 2 versions of Dearly Beloved~ 

I'm considering to upload a video of me playing this piece I'm learning now. I already make a channel, so I just need to upload some videos~ Next post will be my favorite apps on my iphone! See ya!


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