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Hi stranger soon to be friends! As you can see from these really super cute cat pixels, I have an obsession towards cats, kawaii things, and practically anything related to shoujo genre stuffs like manga and anime. *squeels* In here you can find me rambling about the latest dramas, games, and manga I read and watch. You can say I am pretty socially awkward but I tried to stay cool. lol. Happy reading to y'all!


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Throwback on Freshman Year Works!

written on Thursday, 18 August 2016 @ 18:01

Heya folks! I've decided to throwback some of my works during freshman year before starting on my sophomore year in just a few days. I am, by all means, are still improving my drawing style. But being in design major where you have to draw 24/7 (not literally) made me be a bit sick of drawing sometimes. When I first start my year, holy shit. These people are so much better than me! There are times when I feel down about my drawing when I know shouldn't feel bad at all. I just can't help it but felt the need to compare. That is one of the many things I have to improve myself. So here goes some of my past artworks! 

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Shoujo Manga Review ♥

written on Thursday, 11 August 2016 @ 20:31

Hello readers~ I'm gonna discuss a couple of the latest Shoujo manga that I recently finished reading and absolutely adore that I just can't even. (lol)

1. QQ Sweeper
You guys have got to read this manga. The best part is that this series is completed, so no need to sit in the corner and literally just wait for another update. The genre is shoujo mixed with supernatural and mystery genre. I personally love all of the works of the mangaka because the female characters are really tough and can really stand up for herself instead of just relying to the male main character. Basically the story is about a mysterious girl who begin being an apprentice to a guy as a 'Sweeper' to clean houses. But the catch is that they're not just cleaning houses, but they're cleaning minds of of people.  This series also have a sequel series which is still ongoing called Queen's Quality.

2. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Another shoujo manga with a bunch ton of chapters! I really love long series of shoujo manga. (As long I can still find the raws just incase theres no translation ongoing lmao) This series also have an anime adaption too so its that good. At least for me, it is. The genre is shoujo mixed with adventure and fantasy. The plot consist of a young woman named Nike who is the fourth princess of a kingdom called Rain Dukedom. For the sake of her country, she travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry the Sun King Livius. Apparently, the king is a bit more younger than she has expected. 

To finish up this post, here are the recent shoujo manga that I look forward for an update now and then. First row from left to right is Queen's Quality, Omoi Omoware Furi Furare, Madame Petite.

Madame Petit 


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